Let me start out by saying welcome to my little slice of reality. If your nostalgic for the glory days of gaming or simply looking for something a little out of the ordinary, I hope you find it here. The Children of NYX is a one man Indie game company I started to try and help feed my family. All the games I make will be adware, spyware, and DRM free.

If you do like what you find here please let others know about it. Thanks for the support.

Steve G.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Municipal Level III (Beta Vid)

Available for general consumption...

Vid quality stinks but it's the best I could get from my linux rig. This is the work in progress of a game I've been working on called Municipal Level III. Completed version will have 30 levels with the ability to play any of the levels in any order. This game is my tongue in cheek stab at corporate game companies. The final version will have zombies, mutant cockroaches, midgets on stilts that shoot missles from their butts.

(yes, you read that right missles from their butts)

And many more irreverent baddies.
This vid gives a pretty basic look around of the play area, as well as some of the hover car physics and capabilities.

Any Q's just ask.

Friday, June 4, 2010

MINDGUNNER v1.4 Win & Linux

The Children of NYX is proud to present.


MINDGUNNER is retro arcade insanity at its finest. Crafted of dreams, memories, and electrons from the by gone days of dimly lit arcades. With 20 levels of wave after wave of baddies flooding the screen the simplicity of the controls and gameplay will frustrate while the shifting backgrounds and colors can mess with more than just your eyes.

So come on. Test your mettle and your mind against the insanity of MINDGUNNER.

Will you let it win?

  • GLSL Hardware Accelerated Graphics
  • Retro design and stylings
  • 20 levels
  • key layouts for left or right handed control & Joystick Support
  • Windows and Linux support
  • NO DRM
  • Enough baddies to make you beg for mercy
  • Now when you buy the game you'll get both Windows and Linux versions in one download

Hardware Requirements :

  • 1000 mhz or better CPU
  • 128 MB or more Free ram
  • 38 MB storage Linux / 48 MB storage Windows
  • Linux / Windows XP or higher
  • On Linux, Python 2.5.2 or higher Required
  • 64 MB GLSL compatible Graphics Accelerator

Revision History

1.4 Added
  • Joystick Support
  • Game Configuration
  • Ability to change game resolution
  • Updated game engine
  • Linux Sound fix (has not been fully tested on all distrubutions)
  • Misc fixes
  • Uniform version numbering
1.0 Initial Release


Try the demo version before you by the full game to make sure it will work properly on your machine.

Windows & Linux Version

Full Versions:
Now when you purchase you will get both Windows and Linux versions in one download for one price. Please make sure you completely read the "BUY NOW" pages before completing your purchase to make sure everything is correct.

MINDGUNNER v1.4 $9.99

Windows & Linux Version

MINDGUNNER Subliminal v1.4 $14.99

This is the original subliminal message version of the game (read Creators Notes at the bottom of this page for more info)
It has been modified to try and make the player feel happy. Nothing more.
Be Aware subliminal messages do not work on all people, and effectiveness may vary.

Windows & Linux Version

MINDGUNNER Subliminal Custom v1.4 $19.99
Contact me via email and I will customize the subliminal messages in the game to your specification.
i.e. stop smoking, lose weight, be more outgoing, or whatever you want.

Be Aware subliminal messages do not work on all people, and effectiveness may vary.

Contact: tconyx@gmail.com


More info will be added as it appears.

Q. All I see are weird slowly spinning geometric shapes when I start the game.

A. If upon starting the game all you see is a slowly spinning green cube, and you do not see the text to the epilepsy warning as in the picture below then it is one of two reasons.
1) Your 3D graphics accelerator does not support GLSL.
2) You do not have the latest drivers for your 3D graphics accelerator and/or the drivers are not installed properly.

Q. I tried to double click the Linux installer but nothing happened and/or it tries to open in my text editor.

A. One of the following may work for you.
1) make sure the file is marked as executable in its permissions.

2) remove the extension (.bin) from the file by simply renaming it.

3) from the command line navigate to the directory where the file is stored, and start the installation with "./name-of-file" without quotes.

Q. I'm running Linux and I don't have any sound in the game.

A. This is a known issue with certain Linux distributions. There is no known fix as of yet. (edit.. a sound fix has been applied and more distros seem to work but not all have been tested. Your millage may vary.)


MINDGUNNER Creator Notes:

The subliminal messaging used in the subliminal versions of the game is a basic visual type. It has been done in such a way that you should not notice it during game play as this is the desired effect.

This game started out with a very singular ambition behind it and has blossomed into what it is today. Originally I wanted to build a game to help my (step)daughters (9 and 10 years old) communicate with us(the parents) and each other better. Now your possibly asking how a shooting game could help my kids communicate better. Well after feeling completely helpless when it came to helping my daughters deal with their anger issues (stemming from my wifes first marriage) I remembered a PC game I had played many years before that used subliminal messages to help the player feel better. My experience with the game had always stuck in my mind as amazing. A friend and I had played the game for about 2 hour one day. In the middle of playing the game we both had started to laugh. After we had stopped playing it took the laughter around 15 minutes to subside, and even longer for the smiles to fade. The game had helped us to feel truly happy. So after remembering this experience I thought, "well why not make a game using the same principles of subliminal messaging to help my daughters", and so I began to work.
Shortly there after in July of '08 I lost my job as a network admin for a wireless internet service, and not even a month later discovered my wife was pregnant with our first child together. Needless to say the "Oh Crap!!!" factor had kicked in, and chaos ensued. I worked on the game intermittently during the following months. An hour here, two hours there. It officially was sent to the back burner. I worked where and when I could doing odd jobs. After sending out over 1500 resumes, and only receiving a handful of responses (all rejections) I was on the verge of a breakdown. My son would be here in only a months time and I had no job prospects. So with nothing else to lose I started work on the game again, but this time with the intension to try and sell it. That was in April of '09. Now 4 months later I have a 3 month old baby boy, and a finished game.

I truly hope people enjoy what I have created here. It has been a labor of love to help my daughters, and now also to bring a little piece of retro-arcade to life.

Steve G.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

MINDGUNNER v1.4 Coming Soon

That's right, a nice update to Mindgunner coming which includes joystick support, resolution changes, and a bunch of other crap you probably don't care about.

We also have a TCoNYX YouTube channel now as well as vids. Case in point.

So check it out and help spread the word.

Steve G.
What he said.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Not Dead just been working on this...

Coming Soon...
Municipal Level III
for Linux and Windows

Click the link for some nummy teaser pics.

Here you go a few pics to titalate your curiosity.

I will post more images when I get some free time.
I've just been so busy workin on this game I just haven't had the time.

Steve G.